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Knapp Fold is an urban expandable shoulder/ tote/ backpack ideal for whatever life or the weekend throws your way. Plenty of storage options ensure a perfect bag for work, the gym and parents on the go.

    Materials /


    Vegan Leather, Nylon Inner Liner, Zinc Metal Hardware


    Dimensions /

    Folded – 13”x14”x7”

    Unfolded – 20”x14”x7”

    Colors /

    Gray + Gold

    Reasons we love it /

    Goes from Shoulder/ Tote/ Backpack for all different occasions 

    Lightweight and durable with high quality vegan leather finishing. Easy to wipe and clean

    Contemporary design language with functional layout

    Decorative details with practical functions

    Varies way to carry the bag for different occasions

      How to take care of my barn bag

      The synthetic leather and nylon inner liner make the barn bag ultra easy to take care of. You can wipe clean or rinse lightly to wash off the surface. Just don't soak the bag which could possibly damage the hand painted trim details.


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